Good things about living in Ecuador

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Living in Ecuador has both perks and downsides.

I’ve already listed some of the downsides of living in the country from my perspective as a citizen, as well as expat testimonials.

However, there are some positive aspects too.

We’ve lived in this country our entire lives and adore it, especially since we’re so close to the sea.

So, here are some of the advantages of living in Ecuador.

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Food is affordable

In Ecuador, you cannot physically go hungry. Tangerine and mango trees even provide free food.

Food is generally cheap.

If you go to any market (“mercados”), you can acquire fruits, vegetables, meat, chicken, fish, and other products at amazingly inexpensive costs. Lunches start at $3 USD and include soup, a second plate, and juice.

Ecuador has such fertile soils that you can cultivate your own food gardens in your own backyard.

You will not go hungry, I repeat.

Furthermore, its traditional cuisine is delicious. But it is not marketed, which is terrible because I believe we could easily compete with Peruvian food.

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Santa Clara Market - Quito Ecuador

Distances are short

In Ecuador, everything is near by. You may spend the day at the beach and the evenings in the chilly city of Cuenca.

Guayaquil and Quito are eight hours apart by vehicle.

You can spend the morning exploring the Amazon and the evening in Baños.

Ecuador is a small country, yet despite this, it has four very distinct regions, allowing you to quickly experience a variety of landscapes.

We saw the reality of Ecuador’s modest distances on a trip to Brazil. The ratio of distance was not the same for us as it was for the Brazilians.

For us, a long trip is up to 8 hours, but for them, that’s a short trip.

Just picture Rio Grande do Sul as being nearly the same size as Ecuador.

a good thing about Ecuador is that distances are short

It’s the country of the four worlds

In addition to its compact size, Ecuador is home to pristine beaches, mountains, and rainforest covering a total area of 256,370 km2, not to mention our natural laboratory in the Galapagos Islands.

Many scenarios in a small area!

I believe Ecuador has been able to maintain its landscapes’ natural and untouched appearance. This is what brings so many visitors.

And een though some might not like it (especially our underdeveloped beaches), it is what makes our country beautiful.

We have stunning highlands with breathtaking Andean landscapes and pristine villages devoted to artisan production. A pristine coastline with surfable beaches. An uncharted Amazon region where the adventure never stops. And the Galapagos Islands, where you may get in touch with nature.

Playa de la Estación - Santa Cruz

The dollar is our currency

We have already had a banking crisis, which resulted in mass migration and depression among many Ecuadorians.

All because of the depreciation of our previous currency, the Sucre.

Ecuador’s official currency has been the US dollar since 1999, and while it was tough for many Ecuadorians at first, it has given us an economic advantage over other Latin American countries.

This is also a benefit for many digital nomads and expats, primarily from the United States, who want to live or visit our nation.

Ecuador currency is a positive aspect of living in Ecuador

Our springtime climate

Although the weather in the Sierra can be rather chilly and erratic (it rains constantly), I believe that overall we have a pleasant climate.

Our summers are not as hot as those in other nations, and our winters are not as cold. We have a spring-like climate all year.

We make an exception beginning in 2023 because the El Niño phenomena is now driving our weather wild.

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Rio Yanuncay

People are friendly

It may sound cliche, but after visiting cities all around the world, I believe Ecuadorians are friendly.

Exceptions exist, but in our experience, strangers have always assisted us.

Ecuadorians are compassionate and willing to assist others, whether it is speaking broken English to assist a foreigner or getting out of our car to assist someone in need.

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